Thursday September 28, 2023

Prince Harry to restore 'functional footing' in the Royal Family

Prince Harry told to start being subtle with his behaviour in the Royal Family

By Web Desk
June 03, 2023
Prince Harry to restore functional footing in the Royal Family

Prince Harry is is told to fix his bond in the Royal Family to fix his life, says expert.

The Duke of Sussex, who news lives across the pond in the US, has the power to shift the bond with his father the King and brother Prince William.

Royal expert Tessa Dunlop told the Mirror: "Harry admitted he misses the big crazy palace meals with family members, he deliberately didn't attack his father in his book and alluded to a possible future Commonwealth role.

"But to shift relations onto a more functional footing with the Royal Family, a less confrontational way forward is required."

She continued: "One that won't be as lucrative but perhaps will prove more satisfying. Certainly, it is a way forward that would suit William, the future King. But then matters are altogether more simple for William, he has a rock-solid inheritance and a throne to look forward to. Not so his younger brother."

Tessa also admitted that she feels Harry and Meghan are likely to take a step back from the public eye as they have "nothing more to say about their life within the Royal Family".