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'Yellowjackets' boss shares exciting update before S3

'Yellowjackets' season 2 featured nine episode instead of ten in season 1

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June 03, 2023
Yellowjackets boss shares exciting update before S3
'Yellowjackets' boss shares exciting update before S3

Yellowjackets fans are over the news on the confirmation from creator Ashley Lyle that a bonus episode will feature before the season 3 premiere, which will bridge with season 2.

Responding to a fan on Twitter about the bonus episode, Lyle replied, "Noooo. Go to bed! Get some rest!" adding, "There will be a bonus episode between seasons, but I love you guys and I don't want y'all to lose sleep thinking it's tonight."

In other concerning news, Yellowjackets' shocking latest season finale death of one of the main characters vexed some fans so much that they threatened to kill co-creator Lyle.

"So, I know some people really enjoyed the #Yellowjackets finale… and some people… did not (is getting death threats a showrunner rite of passage? Because i can live without that one!) But I would love to take a moment to thank everyone who came on this ride with us," Lyle tweeted.

She continued, "If it brought you joy, or made you laugh, or think, or cry, or just provided a respite from real life, that makes all the craziness feel worth while. All we can do is tell the story we needed to tell."

Released in November 2021, Yellowjackets has garnered critical acclaim from critics and secured seven Primetime Emmy nominations for season one.