Friday September 22, 2023

Prince Harry carries a ‘fuming resentment’ and ‘blames everything on everyone’

Experts believe Princess Diana had talents her son Prince Harry ‘never could have inherited’

By Web Desk
June 01, 2023

Royal experts believe Prince Harry was never able to ‘live up’ to the reality of his mother who was a ‘master manipulator of the media’.

These accusations against Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been brought to light by commentator Douglas Murray.

He shared his thoughts with the New York Post and began by saying, “At some point, perhaps someone should tell the poor lad the truth. Not least the fact that his mother was not simply a victim of the media. His mother courted the media.”

Mr Murray also went on to hail Diana’s ability to ‘plant stories’ and ‘alert’ the media to where she would be and when she may be planning on leaving.

At the end of the day “she was a master at manipulating the media and public. It was a talent that Harry did not inherit.”

“Instead, he just has this fuming resentment, blaming everything in his life — including the break-up with his previous girlfriend — on the media. So in his mind, the media must pay.”