Sunday October 01, 2023

Meghan Markle leaving Prince Harry in a ‘hopeless situation’: 'She's lowering him'

Meghan Markle is standing accused of making Prince Harry feel 'less than' as part of 'plot'

By Web Desk
June 01, 2023

Experts believe Meghan Markle has caused Prince Harry to fall into a hopeless situation' where 'she's lowering him'. 

Commentator Angela Levin weighed in on this matter, and went as far as to brand the move 'lowering'.

Her insights have been shared alongside GB News, during one of their recent chats.

The converastion arose in reference to the topic of Meghan’s “bad integration” into the royal fold.

This ‘disintegration’, Ms Levin feels seemingly points to a plan that the Duchess allegedly had in place shortly after she got married to Prince Harry.

“If we look back to that day, we discovered later that Meghan had already planned to leave [the UK] before she actually got married,” Ms Levin admitted.

She also accused the Duchess of 'plotting' her way out, and added, “I think she's a careful plotter, and my feeling is that Harry is actually doing something that is negative, that's upsetting, that will make you feel he hasn't succeeded, that is very lowering.”

“And that Meghan is going the other way and going around in gold and going to perhaps get a big part in a film and having a very good new agent.”

“As you said, she hasn't been anywhere where he really needed her. He's got a mental health issue and he needs somebody there to prop him up.”

“Anyone would actually, but she keeps away," Ms Levin also added. "So he's doing all the nasty stuff, and she's sailing on ahead. And I think that's the beginning of the end of it for him because she's planning.”

Before concluding she also admitted, “In my opinion, here is what she is doing, she was making sure that he's in a hopeless situation so that she can get the children and he's completely isolated from his family and friends.”