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King Charles III warned of new challenges

King Charles III has been warned of the "possible break up of the United Kingdom"

By Web Desk
May 31, 2023
King Charles III warned of new challenges

Charles III, who officially took the crown as king of the United Kingdom on May 6, has been warned of tough time ahead for the monarchy.

The newly crowned King and the royal family need to prepare to deal with the issues they may face to keep the monarchy "relevant" in the coming years.

One of the biggest issues for the the 74-year-old will be "remaining relevant", adding that it will include "disenchantment" and the "possible break up of the United Kingdom" as Scotland continues to campaign for independence, a royal expert has claimed.

Charles has reportedly decided to give more responsibilities to Prince William and Kate Middleton to project the positive image of the Firm and prosper.

"A challenge will be to keep monarchy relevant in the area of soft power where it is currently such a potent force, expect trips abroad to be announced and the Palace’s review of patronages will clarify the issue of how many engagements the royals will be carrying out," Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams has told Express UK during a conversation.

King Charles - who is head of the Commonwealth and head of state in 14 countries collectively known as the Commonwealth realms - could face difficult time to keep them intact as some of these countries want to become republics.

The King's role as monarch of these countries is largely symbolic, and he will not be directly involved in governing, as he is a head of state, not head of government. 

In 2021, Barbados officially became a republic after removing Queen Elizabeth as its head of state.

However, Charles will want to "retain the loyalty" of the countries and place "tremendous significance on his headship", according to the expert.

The monarch has also been warned that his desire to slim down monarchy would leave the royals overstretched and unable to fulfil all of their duties. 

King Charles sister and Queen Elizabeth's only daughter the Princess Anne told CBC News that the royal family had already "slimmed-down" in recent decades and that it would be hard to cut it any further.

Charles, according to experts, will have to make new choices about what it means to be a modern monarch, just as his mother adapted to the rapidly changing circumstances of the post-World War II years. His tenure on the throne will be defined by how he responds to new tensions in the relationship between sovereign, nations and people.