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Has King Charles always been jealous of Prince Andrew? Expert debunks

King Charles holds animosity against Prince Andrew, says expert

By Web Desk
May 31, 2023
Has King Charles always been jealous of Prince Andrew? Expert debunks

King Charles is relegating Prince Andrew because of his personal grudges, hints expert.

The new monarch still feels deprived of his parents' love because of the more popular second son, the Duke of York.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip had always favoured their 'more macho' son instead of the Charles- a behaviour that has caused His Highness to take away his disgraced younger brother's privileges.

Biographer Angela Levin writes: "The King has correctly identified the cost of the monarchy as a major political issue and a potentially dangerous one – which is why he has cut the £250,000 annual grant that Andrew received from their late mother every year."

Noting other reasons for the King's latest actions towards Andrew, the author notes: "There are other, still more personal, reasons that might be colouring Charles’s determination to move his younger brother out of Royal Lodge. Reasons that are rooted in their own family history and are perhaps related to one extraordinary episode in particular."

She notes: "The first point is that their mother, the late Queen had a soft spot for Prince Andrew, her second son, and found it difficult to say ‘no’ to him."

Ms Levin also adds how the King's father had a soft corner for Andrew.

"Prince Philip, meanwhile, was proud of Andrew’s macho demeanour and delighted that he followed him into the Navy."

She continues: "Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that Andrew became rather bumptious, or that the personality differences between the two princes led to comparisons which were not always favourable to Charles."