Sunday October 01, 2023

Kate Middleton 'touchy feely initiative' could stage 'Royal coup'

Kate Middleton is doing excellent in her new royal role after King Charles Coronation

By Web Desk
May 31, 2023
Kate Middleton touchy feely initiative could stage Royal coup

Kate Middleton is proving herself to be very resourceful as Princess of Wales, says expert.

Daniela Elser believes the future Queen is becoming the fresh face of the Royal Family, noting how she is already making changes to the Royal traditions.

Expert Elser wrote: "Kate is not just nailing the dress code but the actual job too

"Not content to apathetically open things and practise the traditional royal art of ribbon cutting (well, at least not any more), in the last couple of years she has pulled off the biggest royal coup since the Stuarts got to have a go on the throne."

Kate's work with Royal Foundation Centre For Early Childhood has particularly been praised as a "touchy feely kiddie initiative that is high on crayon funding and low on intellectual heft".

Speaking further of Kate, Elser continued: "Someone has really been hiding not only their light but a helluva lot of ambition under her designer bushel.

This comes as Kate Middleton receives praise for her newfound demeanor and confidence after King Charles Coronation.