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Meghan Markle never took Prince Harry, William 'differences' lightly

Meghan Markle knew Prince William and Prince Harry had problems together

By Web Desk
May 30, 2023
Meghan Markle never took Prince Harry, William differences lightly

Meghan Markle had sensed underlying disagreements between Prince Harry and Prince William from the beginning, says expert.

Body language guur Judi James reveals she noticed Meghan's face covering gesture for the first time at the Royal Foundation after the Duchess sensed 'something serious.'

She tells "This telling footage has many comparisons to the footage of Charles and Diana’s engagement interview, with both showing powerful body language signs of future conflict and relationship splits.

"With Charles it was the terrible ‘Whatever in love means’ that threw an ice bucket over their marriage before the wedding had even taken place.

"With this launch of the ‘fab four’ it’s the moment when the two couples are asked about any disagreements and the spontaneous outbreak of embarrassed body language suggests there are already clashes and conflicts behind the calm smiles."

Judi later added how during the event Meghan seemed like a misfit.

She added: "When William and Kate speak their delivery is very traditionally regal: slow-paced, low-energy, modest references to respected ‘experts’ and careful and cautious rather than rushed or hurried.

"Harry’s body language is already suggesting a problem. While Meghan sits listening politely, smiling encouragement at the Cambridges and barely moving (as an actress she would understand the rules about not upstaging).

"Harry looks in the depths of a sulk. His hands are clasped in a fig-leaf pose and he looks glumly down at his lap rather than performing any active listening and agreement signals."

Speaking further about Meghan confidence, Judi added: "Meghan goes off like a rocket of confidence, passion, impatience to make change and extensive experience".

"She takes the conversation up to a ‘global’ level with her brought experience, talking about her work with CEOs around the world.

"Her thumbs are curled back in the ‘cocked’ position, suggesting confidence and enthusiasm. But there are also a whole volley of cues concerning hair-touching that are, at the same time, suggesting self-awareness, coyness and even a desire to hide," Judi reveals.