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America ‘regretting’ Meghan Markle: ‘Makes them look out-of-touch, arrogant, hypocritical’

Experts have accused Meghan Markle of behaving like an ‘out-of-touch, arrogant and hypocritical’

By Web Desk
May 28, 2023

Experts believe people have ‘more than enough problems’ and need not to deal with ‘out-of-touch’ Meghan Markle in this inflation.

These accusatory claims against Meghan Markle have been shared by author and TV personality Erbil Gunasti.

He shared these candid admissions and revelations, right alongside GB News.

In the midst of this chat he said, “In a high-inflation, post-pandemic world, with the overvalued stock and housing markets on the brink of once-in-a-generation crashes and six million unemployed, the United States – and its people – have more than enough problems.”

At the moment “what we don’t need is a self-entitled one in Montecito that makes the whole country look out-of-touch, arrogant and hypocritical.”

It’s evident that “America gave Meghan Markle a chance. And now, honestly, America has had a gutful.”