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Prince Harry, King Charles can ‘speak more freely’ in Meghan Markle’s absence at coronation

Prince Harry will be travelling to UK to attend King Charles' coronation without Meghan Markle, confirms Palace

By Web Desk
April 17, 2023

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Prince Harry would be able to have conversations with his father King Charles at his coronation that too more “freely” as his wife Meghan Markle would not be there.

Speaking to GB News, royal expert Robert Jobson said that the Duchess of Sussex’s absence from the historic event will be an advantage for the Duke of Sussex and the new monarch.

King Charles and Prince Harry could "try to have conversations" during the historic ceremony scheduled for May 6th despite feud, the expert claimed.

"The fact that Meghan's not there will probably be more advantageous, at least they can speak more freely,” Jobson said while talking to the outlet.

However, the expert noted that Prince William "is not very happy about it," adding, “But at the end of the day, he is sworn to the King and if the King wants it, he should just get on with it and take orders.”

“It's going to be a short reign - the King will be 75 in November. The fact is support your father and if your father wants you to try to build bridges, build bridges,” he added.

This comes after it was reported by The Telegraph that “there had been positive conversations” between Harry and Charles before it was revealed that the Duke would come to the coronation.