Monday December 04, 2023

Queen Camilla's friend takes brutal dig at Prince Andrew: 'trying to frighten the King'

Prince Andrew's wish to write tell-all memoir would be the "worst idea since Titanic", claims Petronella Wyatt

By Web Desk
March 28, 2023
Queen Camillas friend takes brutal dig at Prince Andrew: trying to frighten the King

Queen Consort Camilla's friend Petronella Wyatt has slammed Prince Andrew for his reported wish to write a tell-all memoir in a bid to repair his reputation.

Taking a brutal dig at the Duke of York's alleged intention to write a royal autobiography, Wyatt told Good Morning Britain this would be the "worst idea since Titanic".

Wyatt appeared flaying the disgraced royal as she claimed Andrew's "trying' to frighten King Charles III".

Host Susanna Reid began: "When Kevin Maguire from the Mirror was here an hour ago he suggested this is a threat to the King."

"What I was thinking last night was that this is a faint and he's trying to frighten the King into giving him a lump sum of money because I'm not sure he is 100 percent serious about writing a book," Petronella replied.

She went on claiming: "He's casting around for ways in which to panic the family."

Susanna asked: "Will it work?" to which Camilla's friend replied: "I don't know but the timing isn't great, the timing is embarrassing."

The host of the show hinted King Charles's younger brother could follow Harry's footsteps after the Duke of Sussex's autobiography became the UK's fastest-selling memoir.

Petronella argued that Andrew and Sarah Ferguson "don't have the same level of celebrity as Harry and Meghan. He wants to clear his name, he wants everybody to love him but the more he tries to clear his name the worst he looks," she quipped.

However, a friend of Andrew, as per independent, has dismissed reports that the Duke is planning to write a memoir, saying: "He has one aim and that is family unity around his brother the King. The idea that he is even considering writing or cooperating with a book least of all with a journalist is for the birds."