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Ryan Seacrest exit from 'Live' sparks health concerns

Ryan Seacrest recently left 'Live With Kelly And Ryan'

By Web Desk
February 20, 2023
Ryan Seacrest exit from Live sparks health concerns
Ryan Seacrest exit from 'Live' sparks health concerns

Live with Kelly and Ryan host Ryan Seacrest's exit from the show was expected for people around him on set.

According to Page Six, the media celebrity friends and family were worried sick for the 48-year-old health as he was often seen as exhausted before leaving Live With Ryan and Kelly.

Seacrest has been recording Live, for which he earned $10 million per year, in NYC, along with American Idol, and tagged with his syndicated radio show, On Air With Ryan Seacrest, since 2018.

According to one industry source, the hectic schedule affected the anchor's health as he was unavailable for several Live shows over the past six months.

"Some of Ryan's absences created tension with everyone involved on the show," snitched the source.

"But everyone cares about him and respects him and just wants to make sure he's OK."

His co-host and longtime friend, Kelly Ripa, hardly missed a show in her 23 years career.

"They started talking about Ryan leaving last summer, and when they announced Ryan's departure, both Kelly and Ryan wanted to put whatever issues — arising from the workplace and Ryan's other responsibilities — they had behind them," the insider added.

"They've known each other for 20 years, and regardless of recent strains, it is a real friendship."

Previously, ABC executives were concerned about Seacrest's health as he was "overdoing it."

As per a friend of the anchor, he found his schedule "punishing" and hates living in New York City.

The Shrek star has continuously been shuttling between his Los Angeles and NYC homes.

"It's not just 'Live.' Ryan has to travel to audition cities for 'Idol' — they just went to Hawaii. It's exhausting.