Monday March 20, 2023

Prince Harry lacks common sense to see ‘how much he’s undermined the institution’

Prince Harry has come under fire for his bid to constantly undermine King Charles

By Web Desk
February 05, 2023

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Prince Harry has been called out for his lack of common sense and understanding, in regards to the monarchy.

This claim has been issued by Television presenter Judy Finnigan.

She started by referencing Prince Harry’s chat with Tom Brady where the presenter asked, ‘Do you still believe in the monarchy?’, to this Prince Harry replied immediately by simply saying, ‘Yes.’

In the eyes of Finnigan, “I was struck by that and desperately wanted Bradby to ask him why... but he didn’t. A shame, because intellectually Harry seems unaware of how much he’s undermined the institution he rails against but professes to believe in.”

She wrote for Express UK, “Nor does he have the capacity to understand that every complaint he's made about his family's behaviour, his own hierarchically inferior (spare) position, even the ‘hateful’ way the royals deal with the press are just inevitable facts of life in a hereditary monarchy.”

“So, given his resentment, and total inability to comprehend what is constitutionally required of him, attending his father's Coronation would be complete nonsense.”