Sunday April 02, 2023

King Charles fears Prince Harry ‘isn’t aware Meghan Markle’s pushing him into disaster’

King Charles is reportedly terrified over Prine Harry ‘falling through the cracks’ in love for toxic Meghan Markle

By Web Desk
January 26, 2023

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King Charles is reportedly wants ‘never to give up on’ Prince Harry, especially since he’s aware that his love and infatuation for Meghan Markle is leading him towards disaster.

This revelation has been unearthed by Global Newspaper, and they warn of an incoming disaster that is ‘slated to hit the Sussexes’ if Prince Harry does not change his world view.

They quoted a royal courtier who believes King Charles is “willing to forgive” and “does not want to give up” on Prince Harry.

The courtier in question even referenced some of King Charles’ emotions regarding the issue and warns the monarch is “determined to stop his son from throwing his life away.”

He is also aware that its Prince Harry’s love for Meghan Markle that makes it hard for him to realize “he's headed for disaster and must get out now.”

The King’s thoughts on Prince Harry’s “toxic” relationship are unwavering, as he’s “willing to do anything to save Harry and the monarchy.”