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Netflix 'Wednesday' things Jenna Ortega learned to play Wednesday Addams

Netflix 'Wednesday' Jenna Ortega learned various skills to properly portray the iconic role of Wednesday Addams

By Web Desk
December 26, 2022
Netflix Wednesday things Jenna Ortega learned top Play Wednesday Addams
Netflix 'Wednesday' things Jenna Ortega learned top Play Wednesday Addams

Netflix recently debuted hit series Wednesday's leading lady Jenna Ortega had to learn various skills for the titular character of Wednesday Addams.

The 20-year-old actress had to learn a wide range of skills to properly become Wednesday Addams. 

Wednesday since its release, has been garnering praises from fans and much of the credit goes to the leading actress who appeared to be as multi-talented as the title character she portrayed. 

However, most people are unaware that many of these skills were learned in just a couple of months or even weeks, which could be difficult or even impossible for most artists to accomplish.

Without having any prior experience, Ortega first learned how to play the cello to properly depict the multi-talented Wednesday. 

Per the SCREENRANT, Her cello training began roughly two months before the shooting began.

Jenna Ortega played the cello beautifully on Wednesday, with the range of songs she played including The Rolling Stones' Paint It Black and Fleetwood Mac's Don't Stop.

Despite having a body double, Ortega needed to learn to fence in order to portray her role. 

She noted in one of her promotional interviews that she attended fencing lessons twice a week to learn the sport prior to the filming. 

While her stunt double did many of the fencing scenes in her place, Ortega completed some of them herself, and even Umbhau praised her, saying that "[she] kicked some serious butt in the fencing choreography!"

According to The New York Times the actress did learn the skills of archery or canoeing as well. 

The viral dance that Wednesday performed in Wednesday episode four, "Woe What a Night," was actually choreographed by Ortega herself. 

Given the immediate popularity of the scene across the social media, it was even more iconic because Ortega had no dancing or choreographing background. 

Ortega also learned a little bit of German while preparing for her role in Wednesday. 

Just like other skills, she learned this language in a brief time period, the practice only began one week before shooting, which made this particular skill difficult. 

Fluent German speakers, including Youtuber Learn German with Herr Antrim, noted Ortega's heavy American accent and flustered words.