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Will Ferrell talks about his days on 'Saturday Night Live'

Will Ferrell started on Saturday Night Live in 1995

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December 24, 2022
Will Ferrell talks about his days on Saturday Night Live

Will Ferrell discussed his time on Saturday Night Live and his preference for taking on smaller roles at the time, according to Fox News.

Will shared that Saturday Night Lives was his favourite show and he had an amazing experience being on the show. He added that he didn't care about the role he was offered and he loved being part of an ensemble cast no matter if he was given a smaller role.

Will said, "I loved being on Saturday Night Live, because it was my favourite show, but also being a part of an ensemble I just loved it, and I made a point to tell the writers, ‘I don’t care, cast me in a super-small part,' because some cast members took offence to that."

He added, "I just made a point to say, ‘I'll deliver a pizza in a scene, you know, if you need someone' just cuz it's supportive, but it's also just an opportunity to potentially get a laugh."

Will Ferrell spent seven years on Saturday Night Live after joining the cast in 1995.