CM says delay in registering FIR not to be tolerated

By Our Correspondent
December 04, 2023

LAHORE:Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi paid a surprise visit to Allama Iqbal Town Police Station here on Sunday.

The applicants present in the police station complained about delay in registering of FIRs. The CM took notice over the complaints of the applicants and ordered to suspend SHO and issued a warning to the DSP.

He asserted that no delay would be tolerated with regard to registering FIR on the applications of the applicants and FIRs should be registered immediately.

Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi listens to a citizen during his surprise visit to Allama Iqbal Town Police Station in this still on December 3, 2023. — Facebook/Govt of Punjab

CM monitored action being taken on the applications of the citizens at the front desk and inquired from the accused detained in the look up about their cases. Naqvi ordered to release the youths after completing necessary legal process who were detained in the look up without licence. The male and female citizens present in the police station complained about non-registering of FIR despite paying frequent visits to the police station. CM Mohsin Naqvi immediately summoned SP Iqbal Town in this regard.

Meanwhile, Mohsin Naqvi inaugurated the new building of Hanjarwal Police Station late night. CM Mohsin Naqvi inspected various sections of the Hanjarwal Police Station and reviewed the front desk.

CM took a token from the machine and appreciated the token system being installed for the visitors. He inspected the waiting area, SHO room, IT room and meeting room.

CM directed to improve the quality of the doors. He inquired from the accused detained in the lookup about their cases. He lauded the steps with regard to provision of excellent facilities for the visitors. IG Police Dr Usman Anwar gave a briefing about the construction of Hanjarwal Police Station and provision of facilities for the visitors. Naqvi after inaugurating the new building of Hanjarwal Police Station and while talking with the media stated that upgradation work of 737 police stations across Punjab is ongoing. Front desk, SHO room, investigation and reporting rooms are being improved in every police station. 22 new police stations are being built in Lahore. There is a great work load on the C&W Department. 24 thousand 8 hundred driving licenses have been made in a single day in Lahore which were only 250 per day before one month and it is a record. When crackdown was not launched then only 250 licenses were being made on a daily basis while 75 thousand licenses are being made in a single day across Punjab.

Meanwhile, a 21-member delegation of Meat Exporters Association met with the Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi at CM Office here on Sunday.

The delegation put forth their proposals to enhance livestock production. CM sought an implementable plan so as to enhance the export of meat 5 times. Mohsin Naqvi directed to undertake immediate measures to constitute FMD in order to increase livestock production. He ordered to launch a crackdown against those elements for receiving undue taxes in the cattle market. He emphasised that we would provide all possible facilities to enhance meat production. The federal government will also be contacted to enhance meat export.

The farmer will become prosperous with the enhancement of meat production and its export. CM assured that prompt measures will be undertaken on the implementable proposals of Meat Exporters Association.

CM was informed in the briefing that 500 million dollars meat is being exported from Pakistan while 300 million dollars meat is being exported from Lahore. There is a great potential in the meat export and its export can be enhanced up to 5 billion dollars.

Meanwhile, the Ambassador of Italy Andreas Ferrarese met with the Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi in which matters pertaining to the enhancement of culture, tourism and mutual trade sectors were discussed.

CM Mohsin Naqvi underscored that time has come to transform mutual relations between Pakistan and Italy into a beneficial economic partnership. The relationship will receive a new dimension with the exchange of mutual trade and cultural delegations. We are commencing One Window Operation for the investors in Punjab. All NOCs will be available under a single roof through the One Window Operation. There are ample investment opportunities available in Punjab for the Italian investors.

CM thanked the Italian Ambassador on the support extended by Italy for GSP Plus Status. The Italian Ambassador underlined that the ongoing cooperation with the Punjab government in various sectors will further be promoted.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi has strongly condemned a firing incident on a bus at the Karakoram Highway near Hadoor. CM has expressed his deep sense of sorrow and grief over the loss of precious human lives.

Moreover, the representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Ms. Philippa Condler met with the Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi at CM Office in which matters pertaining to the evacuation of foreigners residing illegally came under discussion. Matters with regard to support, coordination and cooperation to evacuate foreigners residing illegally were also discussed.

CM Naqvi underlined that we have formulated a clear policy against the foreigners residing illegally. The Punjab government is implementing the guidelines of the federal government in this regard. So far, more than 15 thousand foreigners residing illegally have been sent back. The whole process has been made transparent and it is our utmost strive that no foreigner residing illegally should remain in the province. We will continue every possible cooperation with the UNHCR.

Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi said that enabled persons hold a special significance in every society.

The religion of Islam emphatically instructs to take care of the enabled persons. Those transforming their physical disability into a strength are the real heroes of a society. Every person of a society should adopt an attitude of affection and care towards the enabled persons. Naqvi in his message on the International Day of the Rights of Enabled Persons outlined that there is a dire need to create awareness with regard to taking care along with imparting education and bringing up the enabled persons.

The Punjab government is striving to resolve problems of the enabled persons besides ensuring their well-being. The enabled persons will be made a beneficial citizen of a society by encouraging them. The Punjab government is going to upgrade the centres of enabled persons soon. We are fully cognizant of the needs of enabled persons and their health as well as progress is our foremost priority. We reiterate our resolve to provide maximum possible resources of the government to the enabled persons.