Thursday October 06, 2022

Police speed up crackdown on illegal Afghans involved in crimes

September 18, 2022

A number of foreign nationals have been arrested during a combing operation against illegal Afghans and criminals residing in different areas of Karachi. Many of the illegal immigrants were either handed over to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) or deported.

Officials said that according to reports, these illegal immigrants had established a state within the state, and they had also been involved in criminal activities.

Moreover, a gang that was recently busted in the city’s District East comprised Afghan nationals who had been involved in robbing expatriates on their way from the airport.

Karachi police chief Jawed Alam Odho has directed his subordinates to take action against everyone involved in criminal activities, especially illegal immigrants, who should be handed over to the FIA so they could be deported.

Combing operations by Rangers and police officials are under way in different parts of the city. The District Malir police also led a crackdown recently against criminal elements and illegal immigrants, with around 350 suspects handed over to the relevant agency for their deportation.

Another crackdown was carried out by the District City police in connection with Chehlum. The operation was conducted in different areas under their jurisdiction. SDPOs, SHOs and the paramilitary force participated in the action.

Six Afghan citizens were detained for chanting anti-Pakistan slogans. The detained Afghans had been shouting such slogans with their colleagues. A case was registered against them, and information is being gathered on their accomplices. Other suspects were also detained in the operation. Further action will be taken after checking their records.

Officials said reports also suggest that many illegal immigrants are hiding in Sohrab Goth, while operations have already been conducted and many illegal immigrants handed over to the FIA. Police have also written to the authorities concerned for deporting the illegal Afghans and the Afghan refugees involved in anti-state activities.

The police letter states that many illegal Afghan nationals have been arriving in Karachi on a daily basis to live illegally in the city, especially in Sohrab Goth and its surrounding areas.

Police said that the foreign nationals are involved in illegal activities like street crime, including looting citizens passing through the Super Highway, drug peddling, land grabbing and killing as well as anti-state activities within the localities of Sohrab Goth, the factory areas and the New Sabzi Mandi Super Highway.

They said that in the wake of the recent clash between two ethnic communities in Hyderabad, a mob, particularly of Afghan origin, had gathered to block the main Super Highway.

These anti-social and anti-state elements robbed many citizens, and torched tyres, motorbikes and other vehicles, including police mobiles, as well as resorted to aerial firing, seriously disrupting the law and order situation, they added.

They also said that five FIRs were registered at different police stations of Sohrab Goth Division. Over 26 illegal Afghan nationals have been arrested in a crackdown, and FIRs have been registered at the Sohrab Goth police station under the Foreign Act, they added.

Police said that illegal Afghan nationals and refugees have been deported to their native country in the past, and now there is an urgent need to take such steps again in the interest of the public.

Therefore, they requested that the matter be taken up with the higher authorities for deporting all the arrested Afghan nationals to their native country in order to restrain their illegal activities.