Friday August 12, 2022

Traders slam govt for rising inflation

By Our Correspondent
July 03, 2022

MINGORA: Announcing shutter down strike, the traders from Malakand division on Saturday criticized the government for failing to control the rising inflation.

Speaking at a press conference, the traders including Swat Traders Federation President Abdul Rahim, Anwaruddin, Zawar Khan, Syed Nazar, Sultan Yousaf and others said that inflation, unemployment and loadshedding had made life miserable for the people. They said that earning livelihood had become difficult for the common people.

Abdul Rahim said that the rulers had no sympathy for the people, who had been exposed to a host of problems. He said that skyrocketing inflation coupled with unemployment was pushing the people to commit suicides as they were unable to provide for their families.

Another trader Anwaruddin said the government was pushing more and more people below the poverty line due to its policies. The government, he added, should tax the rich instead of placing more burden on the poor people. He said the prices of the petroleum products and the daily use items had gone beyond the reach of common people.