Tuesday September 26, 2023

Drive against encroachment: Portion of marquee, school demolished

By Our Correspondent
June 26, 2022

HARIPUR: The anti-encroachment squad on Saturday demolished the front portion of a marriage hall, a private hospital and a school during the operation against illegal occupants of government property on Tehsil Road. According to a press release, Assistant Commissioner, Headquarters, Azka Fatima led the operation against the encroachment.

The Tehsil Municipal authorities had identified the encroachments on the sides of Tehsil Road near the Harkishan Garh Fort, and the illegal occupants were served with legal notices for voluntary demolition.

But the illegal occupants had failed to remove the structures on their own. On Saturday, the encroachment squad of Tehsil Municipal Administration Haripur reached the site with an excavator and demolished the front portion of a marquee, a private hospital and a private school in the presence of a heavy contingent of police.