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Rampage at Pak UK High Commission: Pakistan seeks action against PTI leaders

June 02, 2022
Rampage at Pak UK High Commission: Pakistan seeks action against PTI leaders

LONDON: Pakistan High Commission has written two “note verbales” to the British government to take action for criminal prosecution against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) for storming its premises and threatening the diplomatic staff.

Sources at both Pakistan High Commission and the UK Foreign Office have confirmed that the Commission has formally asked the UK government through two "note verbales" to take formal criminal action against those PTI leaders and activists who had entered the High Commission on the 25th of May.

Pakistan High Commission in its diplomatic communique to the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) has not named anyone but it has handed over two video clips to the UK authorities to recognise at least five PTI activists who had forced-entered the building to hand over a petition to the Pakistani mission.

The diplomatic complaint, a copy of which has been seen by this correspondent, says that Pakistan High Commission staff members were harassed, threatened and assaulted, and the evidence of the assault, illegal entry and violation of the property is in the “attached footage”.

The footage shows former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Focal Person for UK and Europe Sahibzada Jahangir leading a group of PTI activists inside the High Commission premises. Others in the footage include solicitors Mahtab Aziz, Shahid Destagir, Malik Imran, Jahanzaib Khan and two others. The High Commission has highlighted the footage where a PTI leader is threatening member of the diplomatic staff and at one point pushes him.

According to the footage, the PTI leader is threatening a serving military officer to come and receive the petition. One of the PTI leaders told a senior diplomat, that he and others will be posted to Dadu as soon Imran Khan returns to power. Sahibzada Jahangir has denied involvement in hooliganism or any illegal activity. He said that he had entered the High Commission building to present a petition against the actions of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah. He said that no incident of violence took place inside the High Commission premises.

A source at Pakistan High Commission said that it will pursue the UK government for action. “This is not the first time our staff has come under attack. Previously, stones were hurled at our building, death threats were issued and now the protestors forced their way inside. We call on the UK government to take these incidents seriously.”