Tuesday May 17, 2022

MQM-P calls for electoral reforms, new delimitations before next polls

By Our Correspondent
May 01, 2022

Federal Minister for Information Technology Syed Aminul Haque, has said holding the next general elections without electoral reforms, a new census and fresh delimitations of constituencies in accordance with the census results will be a meaningless exercise.

Addressing an Iftar reception organised by the Doctors’ Forum at the Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases on Saturday, he said on Saturday the present house of the National Assembly should complete its five-year term for the sake of the supremacy of parliament and the constitution in the country.

Haque said the previous regime of the PTI’s federal government could have completed its five-year term had Imran Khan agreed to nominate a person in his place to become the new prime minister, but Khan believed that nobody in his party possessed the quality to become the chief executive of the country. He said Khan had made no sincere effort to ensure the welfare, progress and development of the common man as issues of hikes in the prices of essential products and unemployment kept on rising in the previous regime.

Haque advised Khan to learn from his past mistakes and should complete his homework for the next general polls. He said that all the political parties would get the chance to show their performances to the masses if the present parliament got the chance to complete its five-year term.

The IT minister said Khan could have avoided the present crisis had he duly listened to the suggestions extended by parliamentarians of his party and political allies. He advised that instead of committing the mistake of doing agitation, the former prime minister should make an effort to learn a lesson from the mistakes he had committed in the recent past that led to his ouster from power. He said the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan believed in serving the masses without any prejudice on the basis of any race, colour, or language.

Haque hoped that people would get benefit if the civic issues in urban parts of Sindh were resolved. He said that MQM-P had entered into an alliance to make the new government just for the sake of its workers and the welfare of the residents of Sindh.