Thursday July 07, 2022

No letup in overcharging on perishable items

November 29, 2021

LAHORE: The government has completely failed to control inflation on both policy and administrative side which is making the people’s lives miserable.

On the one side, the cost of agriculture input is on rise pushing the cost of production while on the other side, transportation cost also increased to bring it to urban centre. Further, the non-implementation of the official rate list is adding to the people’s miseries leaving them completely at the mercy of the sellers. Similarly, the sellers blame the government, price control authorities and district administration which they claimed issuing wrong rate list so it was not implemented anywhere. The sellers claimed that they were not even getting the fruits and vegetables at the wholesale rates issued by the government then how they can sell it at official retail price.

So they overcharge the general public while the imposition of fines was only being done to show the performance by the official concerned. The sellers have no fear of the government which is exposing the poor writ of the government.

This week again mainly reducing trend in the prices of seasonal vegetables was witnessed but not reflected in the consumer price due to open overcharging. The price of chicken live bird was reduced by Rs23 per kg, fixed at Rs228 per kg, while it sold at Rs240 to 260 per kg, and chicken meat by Rs33 per kg, fixed at Rs331 per kg, and sold at Rs340 to 550 per kg.

The price of potato soft skin new A-grade was fixed at Rs67 to 70 per kg, sold at Rs100 per kg, B-Grade at Rs62 to 65 per kg sold at Rs80 per kg, potato sugar-free A-grade reduced by Rs8 per kg, fixed at Rs36 to 38 per kg, sold at Rs65 to 70 per kg, B-grade at Rs32 to 34 per kg, mixed sold at Rs50 to 60 per kg, potato white fixed at Rs28 to 30 per kg, sold at Rs40 to 45 per kg.

The price of onion A-grade declined by Rs8 per kg, fixed at Rs32 to 34 per kg, sold at Rs50 per kg, B-grade at Rs27 to 29 per kg, sold at Rs40 to 45 per kg, and C-grade at Rs22 to 24 per kg, sold at sold at Rs30 to 35 per kg.

The price of tomato A-grade was fixed at Rs120 to 125 per kg, sold at Rs160 to 200 per kg, B-grade fixed at Rs105 to 110 per kg, and C-grade at Rs95 to 100 per kg, B and C quality mixed sold at Rs150 per kg.

The price of garlic local was increased by Rs5 per kg, fixed at Rs160 to 165 per kg, sold at Rs200 to 220 per kg, garlic Chinese reduced by Rs10 per kg, fixed at Rs270 to 280 per kg, sold at Rs320 to 350 per kg.

Spinach farm was fixed at Rs30 to 32 per kg, sold at Rs40 to 50 and spinach local fixed at Rs35 to 37 per, sold at Rs50 to 60 per kg.

The price of pea was fixed at Rs150 to 155 per kg, sold at Rs180 to 200 per kg.

Fenugreek (Methi) was unchanged at Rs50 to 52 per kg, sold at Rs80 to 100 per kg. Turnip was unchanged at Rs60 to 62 per kg, sold at Rs80 to 100 per kg.

The price of different variety of apples increased by Rs10 per kg, fixed at Rs62 to 185 per kg, B-grade sold at Rs100 to 150 per kg, and A grade was sold at Rs200 to 260 per kg.

The price of Banana A-category was fixed at Rs83 to 86 per dozen, sold at Rs120 to 150 per dozen, and B-category fixed at Rs46 to 48 per dozen, sold at Rs70 to 80 per dozen, and C-category fixed at Rs34 to 36 per dozen, sold at Rs60 per dozen.

Pomegranate Qandahari price was fixed at Rs190 to 195 per kg, sold at Rs180 to 250 per kg, Pomegranate Bedana gained by Rs20 per kg, fixed at Rs410 to 420 per kg, sold at Rs600 per kg, Pomegranate danedar was fixed at Rs260 to 270 per kg, sold at Rs400 to 420 per kg.