Saturday November 27, 2021

Low gas pressure irks people in Peshawar

October 27, 2021

PESHAWAR: The winter has yet to set in but the residents of Peshawar have started complaining about low gas pressure.

They asked Chief Minister Mahmood Khan to help mitigate their sufferings as gas pressure improved last year when he took notice of the situation.

It is usually stated that the federal government departments in the provinces are always unbridled and unchecked.

The governor is considered to look after the federal government departments in the federating units, including Wapda, SNGPL, FIA and Nadra but the incumbent Governor Shah Farman had hardly taken interest in public issues related to the federal government departments.

“The winter has yet to arrive but the natural gas has disappeared. We brought this issue into the notice of Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited officials several times but to no avail,” Islam Khan of Peshawar cantonment told News.

He said disappointed by the attitude of the SNGPL officials in Peshawar, they bought gas cylinders for cooking.

Danial Khan, a resident of Askari-II in Peshawar cantonment had a similar complaint about gas loadshedding.

“We faced gas shortage even during the summer but the situation has aggravated in the past few days as there is no gas pressure in the evening and morning. Children have to go to schools without breakfast due to lack of gas in the colony,” he said.

He said they and their neighbours had started using gas cylinders for cooking as there was no gas during cooking times.

“I don’t know what happens to gas in winter and why the government can’t provide it to the residential areas as CNG stations are always open to sell gas to vehicles. The priority should be the residential areas where it is used for cooking purposes,” he said.