Friday December 03, 2021

Governor seeks Sindh govt’s help for completion of federal schemes

August 13, 2021

Sindh Governor Imran Ismail has appealed to the Sindh government to extend support to the federal government for ensuring earliest completion of the federally-funded development schemes in the province, particularly Karachi.

The governor put forth the advice to the provincial government to this effect while talking to media persons on Thursday as he went to the residence of Akbar Ali Khan, son of Shaheed-e-Millat Liaquat Ali Khan, in the DHA area to enquire after his health.

Akbar has been acutely ill for some time. The Sindh government has also announced that it will bear all expenses for his treatment.

The governor remarked that the provincial government, instead of unduly criticising the federal government, should act as a facilitator and promote the environment of cooperation to complete the federally-funded development schemes in Sindh.

He also announced on the occasion that he would request Prime Minister Imran Khan to establish a special fund for financial assistance to the deserving off-springs of the founders of Pakistan.

Ismail said that it was the government’s obligation to extend fullest support and cooperation to the off-springs of the leaders of the Pakistan Movement in case they faced any hardship. Recalling the Sindh government’s recent promise of helping the ailing son of the first prime minister of the country, the governor expressed the hope that the Sindh government would fulfil its pledge. Ismail also prayed for the recovery of the son of the Shaheed-e-Millat.