Monday October 18, 2021

SHC directs police to pay compensation for wrongful detention

December 09, 2020

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court on Tuesday directed the AIG Legal to pay compensation to a man unlawfully imprisoned for over three years as replacement of the real murder accused.

The court had earlier took notice over the report of Abdullah’s imprisonment as replacement to the actual accused Mehrab Shar in connection with the murder cases registered in 2011 at the Ghotki police station.

Abdullah Shar was trapped by his in-laws so as to save his brother-in-law Mehrab Shar from being arrested in the murder cases. Abdullah’s in-laws first got his identity card registered in the name of Mehrab Shar and later handed him over to the police to save him from conviction. SSP Ghotki had confirmed that Abdullah was falsely implicated in the case by changing his identity.

The court had ordered registration of a case against police personnel involved in illegal detention of Abdullah and ordered his release in September last. The AIG Legal, in compliance of the court directives, submitted that all the police officers and personnel involved in the illegal detention were duly punished. The court directed the AIG Legal to consult with senior officers and ensure that Abdullah was produced before the court and provided with compensation for the three years of illegal detention.

The court observed that Abdullah was a poor person who had no capacity to stand up to the police force and, as such, it was the duty of the court to ensure that his rights were protected. The court directed the AIG Legal to appear before the court along with the home secretary if the compensation amount was not worked out.