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Man held over fake case of son’s abduction

By Our Correspondent
March 07, 2020

LAHORE :Shadbagh police arrested a man for registering a fake case of his son’s abduction. Police arrested accused Naveed Shafqiue and recovered his son, Abdullah, from the possession of his grandmother. The accused wanted to implicate his wife and brother-in-laws in the alleged kidnapping of his son.

Road accidents: At least five people died and 782 suffered injuries in road accidents across the Punjab province during the last 24 hours. The Punjab Emergency Service/Rescue 1122 responded to 763 road accidents in all the 36 districts of the province in the last 24 hours. As many as 462 badly injured victims were removed to different hospitals while 320 victims with minor injuries were given first aid by the rescue medical teams.

electrocuted: A 55-year-old man was electrocuted on Jail Road in the Racecourse area on Friday. The man, yet to be identified, had accidentally touched a faulty electricity wire, resulting in his death. Police removed the body to morgue.