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Man, woman held for drug dealing in DHA

By our correspondents
December 23, 2017

A man and a woman who were selling narcotics in Defence Housing Authority were arrested by the District South police on Friday.

District South SSP Javed Akbar Riaz said a patrolling team of the Clifton police had signalled a car to stop for a check in the wee hours of the day. The car’s driver, however, tried to speed away and the police team gave chase.

The vehicle was eventually intercepted and its occupants, a man called Shabbir and a woman named Saba, were shifted to the police station. A search of the vehicle led to the recovery of a significant amount of hashish and a drug known as ‘Ice’.

The SSP said the suspects had been operating in Clifton and DHA for the past two years and their modus operandi included using Saba to honey-trap youngsters. He said the duo would even deliver narcotics to people’s homes and were selling ‘Ice’ for Rs25,000 and hashish for Rs5,000.

Seven arrested

The Sindh Rangers arrested seven suspects, including street criminals, in raids on Friday. A spokesman for the paramilitary force said a targeted raid was conducted in Lyari’s Kalri area and, after resistance, five suspects accused of involvement in armed robberies were arrested.

They were identified as Rana Rashid, Mohammed Ziaul Haq, Waseem Ahmed, Mohammed Rasool and Nawaz Khan. In the Awami Colony area, two drug dealers identified as Mohammed Fahim and Mohammed Sultan alias Gujjar were arrested. Weapons, looted items and narcotics were found in the possession of the suspects, all of whom were handed over to the police for further legal proceedings.