Saturday September 25, 2021

ThalNova plans power plant

October 07, 2016

KARACHI: ThalNova Power Thar Private Ltd (TNPTL), which is developing a 330MW lignite coal-based power plant in Thar, has earmarked 10 percent of the project cost for pollution control technologies, a company official said.

At a hearing before the Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), representatives of TNPTL said the power project would use CFB (Circular Fluidized Bed) technology with a target efficiency of 37 percent. 

The coal plant being designed and procured for this project is state of the art and will have a sub-critical boiler. CFB technology is considered one of the best technologies to control SOX levels. 

Latest global coal technologies and equipments are being used to ensure minimal emissions levels. Electro Static Precipitators (ESPs) are installed to control particulate matter emissions.

ThalNova Power Thar Private Ltd (“TNPTL”) is a joint venture between Thal Limited and Novatex Limited. Thal is part of the House of Habib - one of the most respected business houses in Pakistan with investments across banking, auto, retail, building materials and packaging sectors in Pakistan. Novatex is part of the Gani & Tayub group which is a leading player in the polyester and textile sectors of Pakistan and contributes a major component of the total exports in the country.