Friday September 29, 2023

Minister opens free travel facility for students

By Our Correspondent
September 16, 2023

LAHORE:Provincial Minister of Transport, Ibrahim Murad, on Friday inaugurated a free travel facility for students, which includes the Metro Bus and Orange Train services.

He inaugurated the scheme at the Orange Train Anarkali Station. Speaking to journalists on the occasion, the minister stated that, as per the special directive of the chief minister, Orange Train and Metro Bus services are now free for students starting from September 15. Students who wear uniform and possess student cards will benefit from this facility. This is a significant step by the Punjab government. The minister mentioned that the rising cost of petrol has made commuting difficult for the general public, and due to the shortage of financial resources, more people are relying on public transportation. This is a mega project for the welfare of the people, and it will be further expanded.

Ibrahim Murad stated that nearly Rs8 billion were allocated as a subsidy for the Orange Line Train. Efforts are being made to generate revenue through advertisements and sponsorships to enhance this service.

The government's aim is to provide relief to the general public and collect taxes, and we are fulfilling our duties in a responsible manner, said the minister. He also mentioned that in the future, free travel facilities would be provided to disabled individuals.