Monday October 02, 2023

Rain, hailstorm damage crops in Waziristan

June 05, 2023

WANA: The standing crops, vegetables and orchards were damaged due to heavy hailstorm, rain and stormy winds in most areas of Wana in Lower South Waziristan district. According to reports, heavy rains and heavy hailstorms occurred in different areas of Wana, damaging the crops and orchards. It should be remembered that most of the people in Waziristan are dependent on agriculture, but the standing crops of different areas have been badly affected by heavy rains and heavy hailstorms for the second time. Local farmers and tribal elders in Wana said that if the federal and provincial governments did not compensate them for their losses, the farmers would face financial difficulties.

They said that most of the farmers had cultivated crops by taking loans but it had become difficult for them to clear the dues after the hailstorm coupled with heavy rain caused immense damage to their crops. The local elders requested the National Disaster Management Authority as well as the Provincial Disaster Management Authority along with federal and provincial governments to conduct a survey to assess the damage caused to the crops. They asked the government to declare Lower South Waziristan as a calamity-hit.