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World Athletics puts forward transgender proposals

January 25, 2023

PARIS: World Athletics has proposed continuing to allow transgender women to compete in the female category of international events, taking a different approach from other sports that have banned transgender athletes from elite female competition.

A document setting out the policy of track and field’s global body has been submitted to national member federations in a consultation process before a vote in March.

In a statement, World Athletics said its “preferred option” is to tighten the rules surrounding eligibility but that it wants to use limits on testosterone as the key determining factor.

Swimming’s world body FINA applies the rule to athletes who have passed through any stage of the process of male puberty.

World Athletics said in a statement: “In terms of our female eligibility regulations, we will follow the science and the decade and more of the research we have in this area in order to protect the female category, maintain fairness in our competitions and remain as inclusive as possible.