Wednesday December 07, 2022

Camilla is ‘just right’ for Charles, she ‘doesn’t take herself too seriously’

Queen Consort Camilla is 'just the right person' for King Charles III

By Web Desk
October 07, 2022

Queen Consort Camilla is “just the right person” for King Charles III as he ascended to the throne, a royal commentator Duncan Larcombe said.

According to OK!, the commentator dished on the reasons Camilla should be by the new monarch’s side.

“Quite clearly, from the word go when they first met in 1970, there was chemistry between them. Camilla is a mumsy, horsey, country type, who is delightfully posh but doesn’t take herself too seriously,” the expert said.

"She’s just the right person for him, and I think if they’d married in the 1970s, they would have been together all that time,” she added.

Duncan said that Charles has been much happier since he tied the knot with Camilla. “When Charles married Camilla, he could finally break free of the burden and baggage that he had carried for most of his life,” the expert said.

“It took the public a bit of getting used to seeing her officially at his side, but people have warmed to her now. I went on Charles’ last tour before he married her and it was a horrible tour. He could appear miserable and very serious. He’s different now he’s got Camilla by his side.”