Tuesday October 03, 2023

'Daredevil' star considers masked man return as 'unbelievable'

'Daredevil' show was earlier cancelled by Netflix

By Web Desk
October 07, 2022
Daredevil star couldnt believe masked man return
'Daredevil' star couldn't believe masked man return

Daredevil star Charlie Cox recently revealed his first impression when Disney offered to return to his night-vigilante role earlier cancelled by Netflix.

During an interview with CinePop, the Marvel star said, "I thought it was a joke. I thought it was a prank.

"Then I thought maybe – I had an answer machine message saying, 'Kevin Feige's assistant, can you call us back?' And then I thought maybe it was a charity event for Covid and they're bringing everyone in. And then I get on the phone and it's like, 'Do you want to be in Spider-Man?'" 

He further went on, "It's just bonkers. I'm in the garden in my house, and my wife is sitting on the steps, looking at me like, 'What's happening?' It was mad, it's just nuts. It's a childhood dream, it was unbelievable."

Charlie Cox briefly appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home and She-Hulk but is getting a completely new show on Disney titled Daredevil: Born Again.