Thursday December 08, 2022

Meghan Markle made staffers ‘collateral damage’ in tiffs with Firm: ‘Outrageous bully!’

Meghan Markle blasted for treating royal staffers as nothing more than ‘collateral damage’

By Web Desk
October 01, 2022

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Meghan Markle is being accused of viewing staffers only as ‘collateral damage’ to her post-Megxit plans.

This claim has been made by royal commentator and expert Dan Wootton, in his newest piece for the Daily Mail.

He began by writing, “One staff member branded Harry and Meghan ‘outrageous bullies’ to another colleague when they were considering quitting who replied: ‘That’s so dreadful. And they are bullies’.”

“During their time in the Royal Family, a host of staff members left the employ of Harry and Meghan.”

“They included private secretaries Samantha Cohen and Amy Pickerill, two PAs, including Melissa Touabti, and two nannies.”

“At least ten former staff members were reported to want to give evidence to the formal investigation into the Palace’s handling of complaints about Meghan's alleged bullying, the findings of which have been hushed up by Buckingham Palace. Once again, it’s the courtiers who find themselves ‘silenced’.”

“That’s not the case for Meghan who described the bullying allegations as a 'calculated smear campaign'.”