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Queen knows Prince Harry is 'particularly broken' about her death: Psychic

Queen Elizabeth II passed away in the absence of Prince Harry at Balmoral Castle

By Web Desk
September 22, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II spirit knew Prince Harry presence on her deathbed would make it difficult for her to leave.

Psychic medium Jasmine Rose Anderson claims she had reached out to the Queen's spirit to realise the former monarch is satisfied with how she passed away.

Speaking to Daily Star, Ms Anderson shared William and Harry knew Her Majesty was close to death.

"I feel they did know. I felt they just knew before they were told."

"I don't feel Harry regrets this. I feel it was just the way things worked out that day and I feel a sense of relief. I feel he's particularly broken about her death and I think he would have struggled being with her as she passed," Jasmine answered.

She continued: "In some cases- I've seen this both in the nursing world and as a medium - some people wait until their child or grandchild have left the room to pass and it's sometimes because they know that person isn't able to deal with that at that time.

"Sometimes our presence keeps them here. We also hear often about people just hanging on till someone got there before taking their last breath. The fact that he wasn't there made the perfect conditions for her to pass the way she needed to," concluded the psychic.