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LIVE UPDATES: Queen Elizabeth II funeral

Queen Elizabeth II will be laid to rest in the King George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle´s St George´s Chapel

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September 19, 2022

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Queen Elizabeth II of Britain passed away at the age of 96 on September 8, 2022, with millions gathering in London  today, September 19, 2022 for her state funeral. 

21: 30 (GMT+5) lowered into the Royal Vault at St George´s Chapel

Queen Elizabeth II´s coffin was on Monday lowered into the Royal Vault at St George´s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

20: 10 (GMT +5) King and senior royals join the procession

Senior members of the Royal Family have now joined the procession as the state hearse approaches St George's Chapel. King Charles III, Princess Anne, Princes Andrew and Edward, as well as Princes William and Harry are now walking behind the hearse.

20:00 (GMT+5) Queen Elizabeth II´s coffin arrives at Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth II´s coffin has arrived at Windsor Castle for a final committal service at St George´s Chapel before burial.

18: 15 (GMT+5) Crowd awaits arrival of Queen's coffin in Windsor

Queen Elizabeth's last journey that began hundreds of miles away in Balmoral will soon be at an end in this Berkshire town.  The hearse is its way to Windsor where an ever-growing crowd are waiting in the sunshine.

17: 45 (GMT+5) Prince William and Harry walk side-by-side in procession

Prince William and Prince Harry walked together behind the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II. The procession of Her Majesty’s coffin, involving the military, royal family members, left the Palace for Westminster Abbey.

17: 40: (GMT+5) Meghan Markle joins royals at Westminster Abbey

Meghan Markle entered Westminster Abbey to attend Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral service. She joined the rest of the royal family including Kate Middleton, to pay her final respect to the late monarch.

17: 30 (GMT+  5) Procession reaches Wellington Arch

The Queen's coffin  has now reached its destination after a solemn march lasting around 45 minutes.

17: 00 (GMT+5) Queen passes Royal Parks for the last time

This large procession for the Queen’s coffin is marching between two of London's Royal Parks on its route to Wellington Arch.

16:20 (GMT+5) King Charles III's handwritten note on Queen's coffin

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin is being taken to Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner and the mourners were left touched to see a handwritten card by King Charles III placed on the top.

According to reports, the touching note read: “In loving and devoted memory. Charles R".

16:13 (GMT+5) Queen's coffin leaves Westminster Abbey

The Queen’s coffin is now being taken to Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner from where it will then taken to Windsor.

16:00 (GMT+5) Ceremony comes to a close with National Anthem

The National Anthem was sung to signal the official closing of the Queen's funeral ceremony at the Westminster Abbey. 

A procession to Wellington Arch will now follow.

15:53 (GMT+5)   Two minute silence observed in respect for Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen's funeral comes to a close after the Last Post is played out by four state trumpeters of the Household Cavalry.

A two-minute national silence for the UK will be followed across the abbey and the whole of the Kingdom.

15:46 (GMT+5)  Choir sings hymn sung at Prince William, Kate Middleton's wedding

As per BBC, the choir has made some special music choices for Queen Elizabeth's funeral, including a hymn sung at Prince William and Kate Middleton's 2011 royal wedding.

After saying the Lord's Prayer and a sermon by the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, the congregation stood up to sing the hymn 'Love divine, all loves excelling'. 

15:31 (GMT+5) Archbishop of Canterbury starts sermon

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, started his sermon for the Queen's funeral, saying: "The pattern for many leaders is to be exalted in life and forgotten after death."

"... The pattern for all who serve God - famous or obscure, respected or ignored - is that death is the door to glory."

He continued saying: "Her late Majesty famously declared in a 21st birthday broadcast that her whole life would be dedicated to serving the nation and Commonwealth. Rarely has such a promise been so well kept."

15:23 (GMT: +5) Queen Elizabeth's wedding hymn sung at sombre service

A special tribute to Queen Elizabeth as the choir sings a hymn close to the late monarch's heart; one that was sung at her wedding to Prince Philip in 1947. 

The hymn's most famous words read: "Yea, though I walk through death’s dark vale, yet will I fear none ill; for thou art with me, and thy rod and staff me comfort still."

Choir sings special hymn composed for Queen's funeral

The Westminster Abbey choir sang Psalm 42 to new music specially composed for the historic occasion, as per BBC. 

Written by Judith Weir, the music is said to take inspiration from the Queen's 'unwavering' Christian belief.

2,000 people congregation rises as Queen's coffin  enters Westminster Abbey

2,000 members of the congregation gathered inside Westminster Abbey rose in respect as Queen Elizabeth's coffin entered the historic abbey where she was married and crowned, reports BBC.

Royal mourners face rail disruption on journey to Windsor Castle

Trains travelling from London to Windsor, where Queen Elizabeth will be buried later on Monday, were severely disrupted by technical problems, straining the public transport system as tens of thousands travel around the capital.

Great Western Railway (GWR) said that all lines between Paddington and key connection point Reading, were blocked, advising passengers to take an alternative route to Windsor.

Queen Elizabeth’s coffin arrives in Westminster Abbey

Queen Elizabeth’s coffin has officially made its way to Westminster Abbey and the Tenor Bells are set to ring for over 96 minutes, a minute each for each year of her life.

The Telegraph  is sharing aerial closeup and mid-range shots featuring all members of the Royal Family, as well as foreign dignitaries.

Prince Andrew breaks down in tears behind Queen Elizabeth’s coffin

Prince Andrew breaks down in tears, unable to hold himself back from crying during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral procession in Westminster Hall.

The Duke of York arrived in Westminster behind the Royal Navy’s state gun carriage carrying Queen Elizabeth’s casket, and in toe with his brother King Charles III, and sister Princess Anne.

Prince Harry, Andrew not in military uniforms

A grieving Prince Harry and a devastated Prince Andrew made their way to the Westminster Abbey today, September 19, 2022, for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral and notably went without their military uniforms.

As the royal family gathers inside the Abbey for the historic state funeral for Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, Prince Harry and Andrew, both of whom stepped down from their roles as working royals were seen in black suits.

Kate Middleton arrives to Queen’s funeral with Prince George, Princess Charlotte

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, has arrived to the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth with her kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte, second and third in line to the British throne, at the Westminster Abbey .

The Wales’ were photographed making their way for the sombre occasion dressed in all black, with Kate cutting a sharp figure in a black wide-brimmed hat with a black veil covering her face, as per Daily Mail.

Prince Harry driven to The Mall in tight security

Prince Harry was photographed on his way for the final goodbye to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

According to The Sun, the Duke of Sussex has just travelled down The Mall with police personnel.

The publication also reported that the royal, riding a Range Rover from Wellington Arch, down Constitution Hill, and on The Mall towards St James' Palace, looked ‘sombre’.

Funeral seating chart  revealed: Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle's places

As per Express UK, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be seated across the aisle from the Prince and Princess of Wales, who will be seated with their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Prediction of ‘odd shower’ in Windsor ahead of Queen’s funeral

The Met Office has warned the mourners of 'odd shower' ahead of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral procession in Windsor today, September 19, 2022.