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Kate Middleton 'looked through' Meghan Markle, got her 'hesitant': Watch

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle joined their husbands outside Windsor Castle

By Web Desk
September 16, 2022

Kate Middleton is accused of ill-treating Meghan Markle during their Windsor Castle reunion.

The Princess of Wales did not attend to Meghan as they both accompanied their husband to read Queen tributes over the weekend.

Body language expert Katia Loisal shares how Kate gave the Duchess of Sussex a silent glare to ice her out in public.

“Quite unlike the confident Meghan we know, Meghan appeared ill at ease during this encounter, which is not surprising given the recent criticism that she has faced,” Loisal told Australia’s Seven News.

Kate Middleton looked through Meghan Markle, got her hesitant: Watch

“On numerous occasions Meghan looked over at Kate, however, the gaze wasn’t reciprocated,” Loisal said, adding that Middleton appeared to “look through” Markle instead.

Loisal shared Kate was eventually able to made Meghan Markle uneasy at the reunion.

“Meghan’s hand lifted hesitantly as if to wave, but stopped mid air, rather pausing to adjust her hair, her head and gaze lowered, before looking up and giving a quick wave, her arm coming back to rest in front of her body in a partial arm barrier,” the body language expert explained.