Monday November 28, 2022

Meghan Markle struggling with ‘jarring’ identity as non-royal celeb’ in UK

Meghan Markle’s tiffs have reportedly left her feeling ‘shaken up’ without royal backing

By Web Desk
September 15, 2022

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Meghan Markle has reportedly been failing to find ‘solid ground’ to make sense of her newfound status as a non-royal celebrity in the UK.

This revelation has been issued by Royally US podcast host Christine Ross.

She was quoted telling the outlet, “I even saw today when they were in Dusseldorf, they did a walkabout, which is a very royal thing to do, you don’t usually see that. In one of the clips I saw, Meghan said that she wasn’t allowed to give out autographs.”

“So there was this weird blurred line, if they were just normal people, you see celebrities giving autographs all of the time.”

Before concluding she also claimed, “I feel like they haven’t found their footing in being non-royals but also being non-celebrities.”

“Nobody has really done this like them before, nobody has tried to be celebrities and royals, and yes they are trying to find their footing, but it just seems like they keep making mistake after mistake, and misstep after misstep, and it’s just not really hitting and not really connecting with a lot of people.”

She also referenced Meghan Markle’s Archetypes podcast episode with Mariah Carey and claimed, “For Meghan to be totally not self aware and be taken aback by that, especially since she said, ‘what have you read about me? What have other people been saying about me?’ That really jumped out at me as she’s really not taking ownership for her own actions.”

“It’s just a disconnect. The image that they are putting out to the public just doesn’t seem real, it doesn’t seem genuine to me at times.”