Thursday September 29, 2022

Brad Pitt foundation strikes $20.5 million settlement with Hurricane Katrina victims

Brad Pitt and his foundation were sued for building poorly constructed homes for New Orleans residents in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

By Web Desk
August 19, 2022

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Brad Pitt continues to look forward to the opportunities to help his community as he recently reached a settlement in the dispute with New Orleans homeowners over defective post-Katrina houses.

The Bullet Train star and his Make It Right Foundation have reached a $20.5 million settlement with 107 New Orleans residents, who sued the actor over building defective homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2018.

The preliminary settlement, which still requires approval by a judge, will be funded by Global Green, an environmental nonprofit, has agreed to cover the settlement.

In the program, residents will be entitled to a $25,000 reimbursement for repairs to their homes, while the remainder of the funds will be split between them based on the state of their houses.

“I am incredibly grateful for Global Green’s willingness to step up and provide this important support for the Lower Ninth families,” said the Fight Club star in a statement Thursday.

“We collaborated in the early days post-Katrina and we are very fortunate to have Global Green’s generous continuing commitment to help address the challenges around these homes and others in need. Hopefully this agreement will allow everyone to look ahead to other opportunities to continue to strengthen this proud community in the future,” he added.