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Here's how much your August and September K-Electric bills will increase

NEPRA has divided per units costs between peak and off peak hours for two months

By Faheem Siddiqui
August 12, 2022
An KE technician fixes a metre at a residential building. — AFP/File
An KE technician fixes a metre at a residential building. — AFP/File

KARACHI: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Friday announced an increase in power tariff for consumers of K-Electric (KE). The surge will impact electricity bills in August and September.

Consumers using 300 units will pay an increase of Rs 1,000 for August and Rs 2,400 for September bills, while those using 700 units in August will pay an additional Rs 2,107, while the increase in September’s bill would burden consumers with an extra Rs 5,663.

According to NEPRA, consumers using over 700 units would be charged Rs 28.99 per unit in August, while in September the per unit cost would increase to Rs 37.70.

K-Electric customers using three-phase metres will have to pay different per unit costs during peak and off-peak hours.

Following fuel adjustment in August, KE will charge its consumers Rs 28.99 per unit during peak hours, while they’ll have to pay Rs 22.67 per unit during off-peak hours.

In the month of September, KE’s per unit cost would be Rs 34.70 during peak hours. But in off-peak hours the per unit charge would be Rs 27.75.