Monday September 26, 2022

Emily Maitlis plans drama on Prince Andrew car-crash interview

Prince Andrew’s car-crash interview host to make drama on shocking 'Newsnight' show

By Web Desk
August 07, 2022

British Journalist Emily Maitlis, who hosted Prince Andrew’s bombshell car-crash interview, has been planning to go head-to-head with her old BBC ally.

The Duke of York weighed in on his associations with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein during the infamous interview.

The journalist joined hand with Blueprint pictures to make a scripted drama about the excruciating details of the controversial Newsnight interview.

This came after the broadcaster Sam McAlister announced having sold the rights to her book Scoops to make it into a film.

McAlister’s book details how the interview was secured and unveils other shocking details about the day itself.

The broadcaster was accused of taking the lion's share of credit for a team effort after her book’s publications, revealed BBC sources.

According to Daily Mail, the insider said at the time: “There is internal disappointment because it is not the done thing to expose how you go about these journalistic practices and also because a lot of people who did a considerable amount of work on this show are being written out of the process in pursuit of one person's career.

“Former colleagues find that disappointing.”