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PTI nominates Sibtain Khan as speaker Punjab Assembly

PTI chief Imran Khan seeks the opinion of provincial party members regarding nomination

By Web Desk
July 27, 2022
PTI MPA Sibtain Khan. — Facebook/File
PTI MPA Sibtain Khan. — Facebook/File

LAHORE: PTI on Wednesday nominated their member of the provincial assembly Sibtain Khan for the post of Punjab Assembly’s speaker, sources said.

The sources further added that Sibtain's name was finalised for the post of the assembly’s speaker during a meeting between PTI Chief Imran Khan and Punjab’s Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervez Elahi.

In a meeting with his party members from Punjab, the former premier would seek their opinion on Sibtain Khan’s appointment as the next speaker of the Punjab Assembly, according to sources.

On the other, CM  Elahi has been allotted an office in the Punjab Assembly. The speaker's office has now been turned into his designated office and a nameplate has also been placed there. 

The old office of the Punjab assembly’s CM has been granted the status of the speaker’s office.