Tuesday August 16, 2022

Lawyers ‘not done’ with Prince Andrew amid subpoena fears: ‘More victims’

Prince Andrew’s other victims are reportedly considering ‘stepping forward’

By Web Desk
July 07, 2022

Prince Andrew might become embroiled in another legal tiff as lawyers of his other victims are considering a subpoena.

News of this plan has been brought to light by lawyer Spencer Kuvin, in an interview with The Mirror.

He was quoted saying, “We are looking into serving Prince Andrew. We’d get a subpoena issued here in the States which is brought over to England and localized, then we would have to locate him and have him served. He should be a fairly easy target to locate.”

He also added, “Frankly, it’s an embarrassment to the royal family he is attempting a comeback at all… I urge him to provide a statement about what happened the night Caroline was attacked.”

“He should be volunteering, we shouldn’t be looking into serving him to get his deposition.”