Friday August 19, 2022

Prince Charles tried to secure donations from wealthy donors: Watchdog investigation

A charity watchdog claimed that Prince Charles’ 19 letters revealed his interest in securing donations

By Web Desk
July 03, 2022


A charity watchdog claimed that Prince Charles’ letters, written to the former head of his American charity, bring his questionable fundraising activities to light.

According to the finding, the Prince of Wales was eyeing donations from wealthy donors, against the official assertions from Clarence House that he remained away from such decisions.

As Daily Mail reported, the 19 letters reveal that the prince showed great interest in the fundraising, and even looked into the matter on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

In one of the letters, Prince Charles expressed dissatisfaction with the decision to hold a Clarence House dinner for the potential donors before they actually donated any money.

“I fear I was not amused as, of course, it was a total waste of my time!,” he reportedly wrote.

This came after the prince’s statements that his charities ‘operate independently of the Prince himself in relation to all decisions around fundraising’ adding that the trustees ‘are responsible for all operational and governance duties’.