Sunday August 07, 2022

Machine Gun Kelly talks about 'dark' suicide attempt in Megan Fox absence

Machine Gun Kelly talks about the importance on 'closure' over mental traumas

By Web Desk
June 28, 2022

Machine Gun Kelly is opening up about his mental health ordeal in early stages of relationship with Megan Fox.

The singer, original name Colson Baker, reveals he went into a 'dark place' after losing his father in 2020 where he also attempted suicide.

In their Hulu film Life In Pink, MGK also shared how he did not like getting out of the room for days.

"I flew to my dad's apartment to clear all this stuff out. I had this really weird interaction with this neighbor who told me all these things I didn't want to hear," he says in the film of his father. "That f[expletive] me up even more because I couldn't get closure on it. I wouldn't leave my room and I started getting really, really, really dark."

He continued, "Megan went to Bulgaria to shoot a movie and I started getting this really wild paranoia. Like I kept getting paranoid that someone was gonna come and kill me. I would always sleep with a shotgun next to my bed, and like, one of the days, I just f------ snapped."

"I called Megan, I was like, 'You aren't here for me,'" he added. "I'm in my room and I'm like freaking out on her and dude, I put the shotgun in my mouth and I'm yelling on the phone and like the barrel's in my mouth. I go to cock the shotgun and the bullet as it comes back up, the shell just gets jammed. Megan's like dead silent."

The singer admitted after this incident, he quit drugs 'for real this time'.