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Moneymaking opportunities led to BTS indefinite break?

Moneymaking opportunities led to BTS indefinite break?

By Web Desk
June 16, 2022
Moneymaking opportunities led to BTS indefinite break?

Some fans on social media blamed BTS' management group HYBE for relentlessly pushing for new albums and other moneymaking opportunities after the K-pop group announced a 'hiatus'.

The company did not immediately respond to Reuters' request for comment.

K-pop pioneers BTS faced tears and sympathy from fans but anger from shareholders in their management company on Wednesday, a day after the band, pleading exhaustion, announced a break from group musical activities to pursue solo projects.

Many in South Korea reacted with shock and dismay at Tuesday’s news that, with some of its seven members approaching military service age, also triggered speculation about the future of a band whose upbeat hits and messages of youth empowerment have turned them into global stars.

"I could relate to them as they shed tears and honestly told us how they felt," fan Nini Lee told Reuters from a café in Seoul where she had gathered with other fans.

"Their voice gave me huge strength when I had tough times, and I'm no longer afraid of such headwinds ...Now I want to give my voice of courage to them.".

Kim Young-sun, who runs the cafe, said she felt sorry that she as a fan had only wanted more from BTS at a time when they were struggling, wishing them a well-deserved break to recharge their batteries.

BTS Leader and rapper RM, in a tearful video released on Tuesday on the ninth anniversary of a group that last year became the first Asian band to win artist of the year at the American Music Awards, said he had "felt guilty and afraid" to ask for the rest that he desperately needed.

Singer Jimin said they were struggling to find their identity in what he called an "exhausting process," while RM also lamented that the K-pop industry could not provide young artists with "time to mature".