Sunday November 27, 2022

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle blasted for causing ‘maximum mayhem’: ‘Addicted to drama!’

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle accused of being ‘addicted to drama’ and ‘causing maximum mayhem’

By Web Desk
June 11, 2022

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have come under fire for their ‘addiction to drama’ and alleged love for ‘maximum mayhem’.

This claim has been made by royal author Tina Brown, in her interview with the Telegraph.

\She blasted the Sussex couple of being ‘completely addicted to drama’ and having an alleged knack for causing ‘maximum mayhem’.

She also accused the couple of having made “very bad choices” and also weighed in on their decision to step away from their royal duties.

“I mean, I think that they could not easily, but with some skill, they could have exited the royal situation, leaving less scorched earth and opportunities behind them.”

“It was a bit like maximum mayhem on the way out,” she also added before branding Prince Harry and Meghan “very hotheaded.”

Harry was beloved, actually, by the British people. And Meghan was absolutely — people adored Meghan when she came into the mix.”

“So it was actually very, very sad for everybody that it went so wrong because they actually need Harry and Meghan now. You should see, the queen is failing and she’s very frail.”

“They kind of need Harry and Meghan to bring that star power and to be on the balcony at the [Queen’s Platinum] Jubilee. We have to have a royal family up there.”