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Meghan Markle to think 'what would Diana have done' as she makes UK comeback

Meghan Markle warned to respect the royal family equally

By Web Desk
May 29, 2022
Meghan Markle to think what would Diana have done as she makes UK comeback
Meghan Markle to think 'what would Diana have done' as she makes UK comeback

Meghan Markle is told to not anger the royals as she prepared to return to UK.

The Duchess of Sussex, who is infamous for not conforming to the royal family traditions, is told to beware during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, especially when she does not hold a positive opinion in the minds of Britons.

Psychologist, Dr Arthur Cassidy told GB News: “There are many issues here surrounding this proposed visit of Harry and Meghan.”

Speaking about Meghan's past practices to snub royal traditions, Dr Cassidy continued: “That would be very ungracious because this is the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.

Dr Cassidy continued: “She will only curtsy to the Queen, she will not go along and conform to royal protocol or comply to that.

“It is a place where Meghan will have to conform as a member of the Royal Family.”

He said: “I would have expected that Prince Harry will have taken the role here and will have said look I’m your husband, do what I tell you, you are part of the royal family, what would Diana have expected of you [Meghan] under the circumstances?”

He added: “By the way, they have generated quite a lot of hostility from the public attitudes.

“They’ve dropped right down the scale, 81 percent are saying, at the moment, no more public money, they should not be funded.

“Also, three out of five are saying look, lose your titles or stop using them.”

Meghan and Harry will return to UK alongside children Archie and Lili next week.