Sunday August 14, 2022

Johnny Depp spends $3.6m on his 40-person staff and $1.8m on guards per year

Johnny Depp has a net worth of $150 million as he charges $20 million for each film

By Web Desk
May 28, 2022


Johnny Depp, who has sued his ex-wife Amber Heard in a $50 million lawsuit, has been reported to spend whopping amount on his staff and bodyguards.

As the trial heads to its verdict in a Virginia court, critics have been discussing both of the Hollywood star’s net worth as the Depp seems to have an upper hand in the power show.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the 58-year-old actor has a net worth of $150 million as he charges $20 million for each film.

He also owns several properties including a house in Hollywood Hills, which is spread across over 7,000 square feet and has 8 bedrooms/10 bathrooms.

The outlet also brought attention to his penthouse in Los Angeles, which he bought for $7.2 million and a 45-acre private island in the Bahamas, where he has docked his 156-foot, steam-powered yacht, Vajoliroja.

Among his properties, Depp’s luxurious abode in France is also included which has 14 bathrooms, 15 bedrooms and 6 cottages for guests.

Moreover, the website also claimed that Depp spends $1.8 million annually on his bodyguards.

“He reportedly spent $3.6 million per year to maintain a 40-person full-time staff, $30,000 per month on wine, $150,000 per month on bodyguards, and $200,000 per month on private jet travel,” the portal shared.

“He also reportedly spent $75 million to purchase more than 14 homes around the world including a 45-acre chateau in France, a horse farm in Kentucky, and several islands in the Bahamas,” the site reported.